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Designed as a personal growth and healthy living program for teenage girls, the DSF Angels program targets inner-city girls ages 12-17 who have participated in various programming at the Andrew and Walter Young Family YMCA. The girls have to have demonstrated leadership qualities, good citizenship, and academic excellence. The program works with the girls to enhance their goal-setting, communication, networking, and leadership skills as a proactive measure against substance abuse, violence, teen pregnancy, and other negative behaviors.

  • OBJECTIVE: The DeShawn Snow Foundation will support 20 girls who have advanced to the second tier of the For Sisters Only program. The girls will be part of an exclusive etiquette and leadership development success track. The success track is designed to help the participants make choices that will produce self-assured, positive-thinking, healthy young women.

  • PROGRAM GOALS: The 20 participants will engage in workshops that will enhance their self image, goal setting skills, communication, etiquette skills, networking skills, and leadership skills. Various professionals in the business, entertainment, and sports industry will participate as keynote speakers for the program once a month.

  • SCOPE OF WORK: The participants will meet two Saturdays a month for two hours each time in addition to the regularly scheduled meeting time established for the For Sisters Only program.

  • Cultural Experiences: To provide exposure to the participants, the program will sponsor a cultural activity ranging from fine dining, theatrical play, or trips to museums once a month.

  • Community Project: Designed to teach the importance of giving to others, this activity will require the participants to complete mandatory community projects.

  • Weekend Retreat: Once a quarter, the participants will be taken on an empowerment retreat. The focus is on interpersonal communication skills, leadership development and etiquette. The retreat will provide the participants effective ways to make positive life choices through open and honest dialogue.

  • Tracking System: To ensure program effectiveness, a tracking system has been designed to monitor the progress of each participant in the areas of academics, community service, and attendance. Reports will be sent to the DeShawn Snow Foundation on a quarterly basis. At the conclusion of the program, there will be an awards ceremony.

  • Expectations/Outcomes: The 20 participants will learn to develop better communication skills through open and honest dialogue, develop a positive self image, understand the need for community involvement, develop social and life skills, and focus on their future, both personally and professionally.

  • Requirements to Participate:
-Complete mandatory leadership workshops
-Perform 45 hours of community service during the course of 9 months
-Commit to being at 70% of community functions
-Attend 80% of scheduled meetingsĀ 
-Maintain a grade point average of at least 2.5 (C+) on a four-point scale