The DeShawn Snow Foundation

Message from DeShawn Snow | Founder

For me, being a teenager was like being on a rollercoaster. There were bumps and swift turns and so many ups and downs that, at times, I worried about fitting in. I felt like I was always faced with tough decisions to make. I was torn between figuring out who I was and dealing with the many issues that teenagers face. As most teenage girls are, I was often preoccupied with what I wore, how I looked, and who my friends were. Then there were the stomach-turning butterflies I felt when I wondered how boys perceived me. An added obstacle, so I thought, was my wondering how my family and friends perceived me.

There were so many opportunities for me to choose the wrong path, hang out with the wrong people, and practice the defiant behaviors that would drive my parents crazy.  Sex, drugs, alcohol, peer pressure, and lack of self-esteem were among the issues that teenagers faced when I was growing up.  I must admit that I didn’t always make the right choices, but I eventually got it right – when I allowed teachers, family members, and friends to assist me through the awkward stages of development.  I got involved in activities that allowed me to express myself. 
Once I learned that the world was my stage and that I was in control of the performance, I traveled the path toward success.

A native Detroiter, I graduated from Wayne Memorial High School and Michigan State University.  I am a businesswoman, television personality, and a busy mother of three boys.  The exciting thing about these accomplishments is that I overcame the obstacles, and you can too!

I established the DeShawn Snow Foundation to assist teenage girls who face challenges and roadblocks like I did.  I believe that together we can make a difference and have a substantial impact in steering our teenage girls toward successful life paths.  I want to be part of making a difference, so I have dedicated my life to empowering and enriching the lives of girls.

"Together we can create stepping stones that create success and opportunities for every girl." - DeShawn Snow

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