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Girls face many peculiar challenges and numerous decisions on a daily basis. This camp is designed to build self-esteem in girls ages 11-17 and to impact and influence the decisions they make. Our founder, DeShawn Snow, believes that girls can be empowered and challenged to make a difference in their own lives if they are afforded the opportunity to do so. We have gathered professionals from various fields that are committed to making a difference and will provide quality instruction to build self-esteem and self-confidence in a fun and exciting environment. Girls who want to take advantage of this unique opportunity to soar should attend this camp!



Camp Workshops

I Can Express Myself


Communication Through Artistic Expression

This workshop is designed to enhance girls’ self-confidence through various theater exercises by focusing on voice, diction, stage presence, and character development, with an emphasis on ensemble work. Campers will have an opportunity to discover the many different ways they can share their self-expression and will be encouraged to audition for the talent showcase-Night Under the Stars. Such talents may include, but not limited to: spoken word, drama, story telling, singing, poetry, and dancing. Throughout the week, girls will be able to rehearse under the direction of professionals to teach them to feel comfortable with themselves on and off stage.

I Can Trust Myself


Making the Right Choices

This workshop is designed to equip girls with the proper tools to become self-aware and self-sufficient. There is nothing more powerful than a young lady who values her self-worth and understands her identity. We will empower the girls by focusing on goal setting, journaling, recognizing and dealing with stress, peer pressure, male and female relationships (including teen pregnancy, std’s, date rape), and how to effectively handle peer pressure and other topics as directed by the discussion with the girls. We will do so by exploring God’s answers and instructions for dealing with the tough issues they face.

I Can Be Myself


Image Defining & Designing

This workshop is designed to help build girls self-esteem and self-confidence by helping them to accept who they are personally and helping them explore the exciting and fun ways to create their own image. This is an amazing opportunity to learn from various professionals who are responsible for creating and maintaining images for real celebrities.

I Can Strengthen Myself


Health and Fitness Techniques

This workshop is designed to promote positive health and fitness lifestyle choices by teaching the importance of exercise, nutrition, and wellness education. From balanced diets to weight-loss, participants of all fitness backgrounds will be challenged and motivated to develop proper exercise routines and healthy nutritional habits. The primary objective is to educate the children on the importance of making a lifetime commitment to health and fitness.

I Can Establish Myself


Smart Start to Entrepreneurship

This workshop is designed to teach girls how to recognize moneymaking opportunities, how to start and operate a youth operated business. The workshop strives to raise awareness of entrepreneurship as a viable career option as well as help students develop the attributes and skills associated with entrepreneurs, including creativity, innovation, self-confidence, planning and risk taking. The workshop is designed to motivate students to pursue further study, exploration and consideration of entrepreneurship. The workshop develops skills in negotiation, problem solving, time management, record keeping, and sales skills.